Where does the name Pasha come from?

10012789_10152411698399851_3424987905103808312_oPasha Music was named after Alfred Surenyan’s nickname Pasha. Pasha is a military/ officer rank in the Middle East, mostly Turkish but also other cultures. The Pasha does not exist as a title anymore however it is used as a nickname for the youngest son of a family. Alfred’s parents do not call him Alfred, Alf or any of his other nicknames, they have and continue to call him Pasha.

When he got his first car he got the personalized plates QT PASHA. This goes back to his nickname that he was still being called by his Parents. When He was creating his music business he wanted to create a name that is unique and also personal to him so Pasha Music was born. QT Pasha Publishing is the sub-brand of his business for music publishing.

Pasha Music carries the personal and emotional connection that Alfred has with his parents and their support of his musical journey.



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