The Story of Pasha Music


Alfred Surenyan has been passionate with music all his life. He comes from a musical family with his father playing the Accordion and his uncle playing the violin. His only passion as a child was to learn to play the piano, but as immigrants his family had too many financial burdens, and he was unable to start lessons at an early age. Rather than have lessons, Alfred had a toy piano that he used to play and held to his heart dearly. This was his life until he was able to take music lessons. Music was very important to his soul. In 1977, The release of Star Wars became a huge part of his life. He fell in love with the music and looked up to the composer John Williams as a hero. He wanted to one day compose good music too.

By the time he was in Middle School he was learning music, but he was being held back due to difficulty in being able to practice regularly and have intense music lessons. By the time he was at the end of Middle School years, he had stopped pursuing music and he kept his passions in as an inner desire and yearned to have an opportunity to practice music. It was not until is 10th grade year in High School when Marsha Lynn Taylor, the school’s music teacher stopped him in the hall and said “you look like a musician.” She encouraged him to take music classes and the following semester he was at it again with music. This path then lead him to becoming a music major in college where it all began.

He learned to be a composer, improved his piano skills and learned music technology. In 1997, during the later part of his college education he founded Pasha Music.. This company was his title as a music teacher and for the promoting of his musical compositions. His goals from then forward is to teach music, work as a professional composer. He wanted to share his passions to the future generations. This is what he has done for over 20 years. He has taught students of all ages from Elementary all the way to the college level.

Since then it has grown to be a service for music prep, music recording, and rental and purchase for the music of Alfred Surenyan.

Pasha Music is now growing to include music rentals other than just the music of Alfred Surenyan. QT Pasha Publishing will also take submissions for publications of composers, music educational materials, orchestration and arrangements. If you have something to submit for QT Pasha Publishing or for rental through Pasha Music please contact us.

Pasha Music has been serving the Los Angeles area for 19 years and the mission of Pasha music is to continue to serve quality music both in the Los Angeles area and all parts of the United States.





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