Feature Artist: The Pacific Trio

The Pacific Trio is a piano trio ensemble founded in 1979 in Los Angeles. The members are Edith Orloff on piano, Roger Wilkie on violin and John Walz on cello. The ensemble has performed in the United States and Europe over the decades. They have several recordings and videos. Currently, they just completed a tour in Europe. They will appear in California in January of 2015, including Los Angeles, Wilmington, and Rancho Palos Verdes.

The ensemble brings music to life with their personal touch and artistic approach. When they play together it’s more like a conversation between the three of them, and the audience is not like a secondary party but rather they bring them into the performance and create an environment and mood of musical language that everyone can understand. After a concert with the Pacific Trio, the listener comes out feeling they were at a joyous occasion. Their contact with one another while performing and contact with the audience always becomes an incredible experience that words can’t describe.

Personally I feel that the Pacific Trio is one of the best ensembles of their instrumentation. With a huge list of repertoire, the Piano Trio has been around since the 18th Century. The Pacific Trio has in their list of much of these works; ranging from the Classical Period, Romanic Period and the 20th Century. They also perform music arranged for the Piano Trio including Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess. This piece is on this blog for you to enjoy. If you want to hear more of their music or read more about them, follow the link to their website.

Alfred Surenyan

website: www.pacifictrio.com

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