The Future of the Profession of Music

imagesThe recent move of Taylor Swift removing her music from Spotify is a major statement in the music world. The trend of music has gone towards streaming online, but what does this do to the value of music? What about the profession of music? Musicians have studied and perfected their art through eduction,just like any other profession. Many have gone to colleges and earned a degree in it. What is their job? They compose, perform, and record albums. This has been the job of musicians for centuries (recording added in the last century). This is how they earn a living.

Many feel that music should be free, but let’s flip this to the other side of the field. What about other professions. Do we feel that legal advice should be free? How about other services? Many of these services are offered by professionals who have gone to school and studied their craft. Should a lawyer “stream” their services online for small monthly fee? Should an engineer offer their services for free? How about an architect? Should they design a building or houses for free? I know this sounds extreme, but all of these and many others are professions. Artists should not be any different. In many centuries past artists were valued. They were paid for their work, they studied their craft like any other profession and were able to survive doing their work. The concept of a “starving artist” is actually a modern concept. Even Mozart was able to earn a living as a musician. It is a stereotype that has only been created in recent times and one that should be remedied.

Below is a link to a great article about the concept of how the value of music has lowered in recent times.

And here is a recent cartoon that has been passed around the internet for at least a year. It may look funny, but it also brings up tragedy to the artists that many love who have given joy and warmth of music for decades.


These are just a few things to think about. What is the right answer and what is the wrong answer. Perhaps we need to just move forward and see where the future of the profession of music goes.

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