The Evolution of Producing & Recording Music



It was only 30 years ago when an artist had to rent a studio in order to even record a demo, much less a professional recorded album.  It was expensive as studio time costs a lot of money (mainly to pay the engineer and other employees).  The studio also included the analog recording system, which brought the price high.

If an artist wanted to record in those days they had to either rent a studio or own these expensive and rather large equipment.  For the independent artist who had barely enough money to pay the rent or the bills it was extremely impossible for them to even get one song out.



Let’s now fast forward to 2014.  We now are living in the digital world.  Desktop computers has made work faster, but also cost effective in creating music.  An independent artist who wants to share their music, perform, create an album or have a download has now more advantages than ever.  It is cost effective to have a project studio with a computer, a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), a microphone, and a MIDI Controller.  All of these equipment would cost less than $2000 to own.  Many Project Studios are also in personal homes.  Creating a space where it is sound proof with the computer, audio interface, microphones, and MIDI Controller makes it possible for the independent artist (or even the music hobbyist) to have a professional quality recording in a matter of weeks.

There is a lot of criticismIMG_3142 regarding digital and computer environments, however in the modern world these tools have made it possible for anyone to be able to work in their dreams, Music Industry or not.

Logic Pro X is a Digital Audio Workstation that is sold by Apple, Inc.  This software has become one of the leading products in the market for the project studio.  It is user friendly and has all the tools in order to composer, arrange, edit, and record music.  It can be used in any style or genre from good old Rock N’ Roll, Pop, Hip Hop, Classical, and Film Scoring. Learning how to use it can be fun and can be done online.  Here is a video presentation for Alfred Surenyan’s course on Music Recording and Production with Logic Pro X.

If you are one who dreams about producing your own music you can learn Logic Pro X.  This course, taught by Alfred Surenyan, can be enrolled for only $49 for the entire course.  A $1500 value when taking at a school.  The following link gets you to enrolling to this course today.


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